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We, Rob and Terri, have stood in front of thousands of people, and we’ve asked, “Have you ever felt burned out?”  Almost everyone raises their hand.  We’ve all felt what it’s like to be in burnout.  The problem is that few people know what they can do to get out of burnout once they’ve gotten there.

That’s what Extinguish Burnout: A Practical Guide to Prevention and Recovery is.  It’s a way out.  It’s a way to put out that the fire that has become burnout – or prevent it from burning you out. In its book form, it’s 200 pages of short chapters that you can read in less than 10 minutes.  As an online course, its short (13-minute average) modules help you understand what burnout is, how it works, and what you can do to get past it.

Based on research and field-tested with life, Extinguish Burnout can help you get free, so you can start enjoying life again.  We’ve been writing about burnout, its effects, and how to avoid it since 2003.  Extinguish Burnout was researched just like the journal articles your trusted providers read and translated into easy-to-understand, plain language.  It brings some of the best research and wisdom about what works into your hands.

Rob comes from a technology background, where burned out professionals is practically a part of the lore of the industry.  Terri is a nurse with 30 years of experience helping people and her peers avoid what has sometimes been called compassion fatigue.  Burnout is very real in healthcare today, with 30% of nurses and 50% of physicians reporting that they’re currently at some level of burnout.  We’ve been in the trenches with others suffering from burnout – and we’ve experienced it ourselves.

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