About Us

Rob and Terri weren’t alone. As the parents of seven kids, owners of three business lines, and creators of a patent pending for two and a half years, they were stuck – but they weren’t the only ones.

Burnout is becoming an increasing challenge in workplaces across the country and around the world. According to Gallup, only 33% of employees are engaged, and about 66% of full-time workers experience burnout on the job. Free sodas and a new vacation policy isn’t the answer. Employees aren’t just unhappy – they’re disengaged, and they’re disengaged because they’re burning out. It’s not that people don’t know they’re burned out, with tools like the Malasch and Copenhagen Burnout Inventories available. They don’t know how to free themselves from the trap of burnout.

That’s where the Bogues knew they were needed.

Robert Bogue

Rob’s work as a consultant over the last 12 years has given him keen insights into the various companies he’s worked with, and his speaking engagements across the nation have brought him into contact with people from every industry. Across the board, burnout is raging. Rob realized that his skills in making the complicated simple, enabling engagement, and opening the lines of communication could be the key to discovering how to recover from burnout.

Terri Bogue

Terri brings a different perspective with 30 years’ experience in healthcare. As a Clinical Nurse Specialist and Infection Preventionist, she sees how burnout affects not only healthcare workers but their patients. Reports are finding that 78% of physicians are sometimes, often, or always burned out, and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement asserts that, if burnout in healthcare were described in clinical or public health terms, it might well be considered epidemic. Terri’s experience in seeking and analyzing the cause of problems, building and maintaining boundaries, and dissolving interdisciplinary conflicts puts her in a crucial position to understand how burnout starts – and how to prevent it in the first place.

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Rob and Terri do more than just extinguish burnout. If you’d like to see more of what they do, click the links below to go to one of our sister websites or get helpful information.

Rob and Terri did the research. They’ve gathered knowledge from numerous disciplines, read stories from the anecdotal to the evidence-based, and put it all together in a way that anyone can understand. Whether you’re an HR employee or an engineer, a mother or a son, a cousin or a coworker, you can identify the signs of burnout, take steps to build your resilience to burnout, and help yourself and others recover from burnout.