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Extinguish Burnout Online Course (1 Year)

If you bought the course already, you can access it at any time by clicking Account at the top of any page, then logging in.

Our authors are avid readers, and they’ll be the first to admit it. Burnout can make it hard to enjoy even your most treasured hobbies. After a long day of feeling like you’re not effective, it can be hard to feel like you have the energy to do much more than kick your feet up and close your eyes.

But when we said we wrote Extinguish Burnout for everyone, we meant it – whether you’re an avid reader or not. We’ve taken the messages from the Extinguish Burnout book and reproduced them virtually in this online course. Each module contains a fully-recorded, professionally produced video narration, followed by a module summary and our series of discussion questions. We’ll even send your responses to you, so you can help track your journey.

If you’re interested in more information on the contents of the course and how it came to be, just click here.