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Hi. I’m Terri. I’m a Clinical Nurse Specialist, and I’ve spent 30 years alongside physicians like you trying to help patients get better.

However, healthcare isn’t always what we thought it would be. There are insurance companies telling us what we can and can’t do. Administrators that just don’t understand. Patients alternate between having the same symptoms and conditions we see all the time and being the challenge that just doesn’t seem to respond to treatment. The world of medicine that seems to get more complicated, confusing, and frustrating every day.

Everyone has bad days. That’s part of it. But what happens when it seems like the bad days are running together? You wake up exhausted, and you’re cynical about your ability to make a difference. You feel like you’re completely ineffective at what you set out to do. Maybe it’s not a bad day or a few bad days, maybe it’s burnout.

There is hope. Burnout isn’t something wrong with you or that you’re somehow not good enough. It’s a result of a set of circumstances that you can control. Just like any treatable disease, you can change the situation and get a better result. We can show you how.

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