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Burnout is not cool

Hi. I’m Rob. I’ve been a developer just like you my entire professional career.

It’s hard to keep up. By the time we learn the latest technology, the industry has already passed us by and is on to the latest thing. Even if we stay with the same platforms and frameworks, breaking changes make us relearn half of what we thought we knew. It feels like a treadmill that someone else controls the speed for.

At some point, it’s not possible to drink enough caffeine to keep from feeling tired. It feels like there’s a never-ending list of defects and another unhappy customer. In the end, it feels like nothing that we do matters, there will be more features that we can’t get done, and more defects to fix.

Sound familiar?

That’s burnout. It’s been with us since the dawn of the computer age, and it’s not getting better. However, there is a solution. Tweak a few variables and change the approach, and you, too, can side-step burnout and regain the joy that you once had for the profession.  Sign up below and we’ll send you the four step model to overcoming burnout.

If you’d prefer you can start learning more about the course or the book now.