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Thrive, Don’t Just Survive!

There’s more than one way to avoid burnout.  For this blog, we define burnout as the perception that you cannot change your environment and thus have no personal agency (your ability to get things done).  One approach to burnout prevention is ensuring that your personal agency never drops to a low level.  Additionally, you can […]

The Organization’s Role in Burnout

It’s true that organizations can contribute to our burnout.  Unrealistic expectations, unreasonable deadlines, and lack of support create conditions that encourage burnout.  But, at the end of the day, it’s up to us individually to make the life choices that either lead to our safety from burnout or allow us to travel down that road.  […]

How Do I Feel Burnout?

Burnout itself isn’t a feeling per se.  It’s a syndrome or condition with a set of criteria and expected outcomes.  So, while you can feel burned out, burnout isn’t a singular emotion or way of feeling.  Most commonly, when people say they’re burned out, they mean they’re exhausted – either physically or emotionally.  Occasionally, when […]

Finding Feedback

Feedback and burnout are closely tied. As powerful as good feedback is at keeping you out of burnout, bad feedback (or none at all) can quickly drive you towards it. There are some techniques you can use to find feedback and stay out of burnout. Published on HDI. Read the rest of the article here: […]

Discovering Burnout in Remote Team Members

Video conferencing just isn’t the same as being there.  It’s easier to put on a happy face and pretend to be OK when things are just off.  Leaders and managers must be extra vigilant with remote team members to discover burnout and head off the effects.  It’s too easy to lose remote people to other […]

The Meaning of Burnout

Burnout has – at times – been associated with shame.  The voice inside your head says, “Other people can handle what I can’t handle.  Why can’t I do it?”  The meaning of burnout is – in this context – taken to mean that there is something wrong with the individual.  However, what if the problem […]

Welcome to Extinguish Burnout!

Welcome to Extinguish Burnout! While we do not recommend that you take up residency in the world of burnout, we do hope you spend some time with us learning more about burnout. We started this journey to extinguish burnout because we have experienced burnout enough to know that we needed to find a way to […]

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