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The Business Impact of Burnout

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently added new criteria for burnout as a part of its ICD 11 coding scheme.  This moves burnout forwards as a specific condition that can be diagnosed as an occupational phenomenon by health and mental health workers.  However, the impact to your business is more than just the fact that […]

Burnout or Exhaustion

Many people fear that they have burnout.  Attached to burnout is a negative stigma that says you’re not good enough or strong enough.  As a result, people worry that they have burnout when they don’t.  While there’s nothing wrong with burnout, it’s not the same thing as simple exhaustion.  The problem comes from the fact […]

Don’t Give in to Burnout

Burnout is defined as feelings of exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficacy. What else could you feel if you know that, as soon as you hang up the phone, it will just ring again with the next customer? How can you avoid burnout when every day is an onslaught of the same thing? Published on HDI. Read the […]

Burnout and the Developer

Burnout generally starts with debugging.  It’s the defect that you can’t seem to find.  The trudging through logs and poring through databases is seemingly endless.  Slogging through thousands of lines of code to find that one wrong thing can feel like it will never end.  That’s when burnout starts to make its stranglehold. Burnout has […]

Burnout as a Badge of Honor

While most people don’t want to be in burnout, occasionally, you’ll meet the person who feels like burnout is a badge of honor.  If they don’t have burnout, they’re not working hard enough.  In a recent conversation, I heard, “I’ve been working this way for 40 years, and I don’t think that I’ve got burnout.”  […]

The Role of Shame in Burnout

There are some attitudes and perspectives that help make you resilient to burnout.  Others make it easier for you to deplete your personal agency (ability to get things done) and land in the state of burnout.  (Burnout being at least partially defined by your belief that you’re unable to change your situation.)  One of the […]

Impostor Syndrome

Sometimes the problem that causes burnout isn’t that you’re not seeing results.  It may be that the results you’re getting seem like they’re too much.  You may feel like you’re faking it – that you’re not really as good as other people believe you are.  You may live in relatively constant fear that others will […]

What About Me?

The question is asked in desperation, when it feels like there isn’t enough of you to go around.  It comes when the demands of life are so pressing and urgent that it feels like you don’t get a chance to do the self-care you want and need. Published on HDI. Read the rest of the […]

The Role of the Corporate Communicator in Preventing Burnout

Burnout may be the corporate epidemic of our age.  Reports are coming in from everywhere about the rise of burnout and its implication in the poor employee engagement numbers.  Corporate communicators play a critical role in reducing the spread of burnout in the organization – and preventing it where it hasn’t started.  Playing your role […]

Burnout Is Not Just About Work

Most of the writing about burnout has been in the context of work, even dating back to Freudenberger’s original writings about the topic.  However, when viewed from the lens of a gap between your perceived efficacy and your expectations, it’s easy to see how this psychological condition can occur in your personal life as easily as it can […]

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