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Blocking Burnout in Your Organization

“I felt like I slammed myself against the wall,” says Jan Byars, Ph.D., president of LeadSync, which provides professional training and coaching. “I just kept pushing through, even to the point of my legs feeling numb.” Soon after, Byars says, she couldn’t push forward any longer. It was more than exhaustion; there was a disconnect […]

Letting Go of Burnout

Sometimes the feeling of burnout creeps in under the radar.  There’s the random thought that shows up in the middle of dinner, while driving home, or in the shower.  It’s something that “has” to be done, and it prevents you from attending to whatever is happening right now.  Left unattended, those thoughts can steal your […]

Trade Imbalance Burnout

Have you ever wondered what might be causing you to feel tinges of burnout?  Your life’s going well.  You just got a promotion at work.  The kids are succeeding in school and sports.  But there’s something wrong that you can’t put your finger on.  Perhaps the cause of your burnout isn’t that things aren’t going […]

Trapped in Victimhood on the Road to Burnout

Have you ever been to a tourist trap?  The kind of mini-museum that promises oddities or a comprehensive look at medieval torture devices that you won’t believe?  You know, at some level, that you’re not going to be entering a life-changing experience.  It’s something that’s amusing enough to kill an hour or so and separate […]

Courage to Confront Burnout

It takes courage to confront burnout.  It takes courage to acknowledge that you’re in it and to confront the factors that are keeping you in it.  If you’re in burnout, finding or creating the courage to confront it may seem impossible, but it isn’t.  Creating the courage to confront burnout is not only possible for […]


Will you pass gas in front of your friends and loved ones?  For some the answer is a squeamish no, for others the question is met with a shrug and a timid “sure”, and occasionally you’ll get an enthusiastic “yes!”  The question may seem odd or innocuous, but it may indicate something larger.  It may […]

Removing Your Mask

Have you ever found yourself trying to fit into a role that really didn’t match your core beliefs yet you wanted to be chosen for?  Maybe it is the person always chosen to host an event or coach a team.  You may not really want to fill that role, but you want to be thought […]

The Real Impact of Burnout with Karl Ahlrichs

Directly involved with 9,000 to 10,000 termination meetings, Karl explains how burnout was a factor in many of them.

It Will Be OK

It sounds like a cliché.  It’s something you say to someone when you don’t know what else to say or how to really empathize with their sorrow.  When you’re struggling with burnout, you might wonder how they know it will be OK, if they know it will be OK, or if they’re just being polite.  […]

Is It Compassion Fatigue or Burnout?

In professions that require a high degree of caring, like nursing, there’s sometimes discussion of compassion fatigue – the inability to continue to care because of the high levels of caring required just to get through the day.  Caring people end up feeling as if they’ve lost themselves, because they simply don’t know how to […]

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