Welcome to Extinguish Burnout!

Welcome to Extinguish Burnout! While we do not recommend that you take up residency in the world of burnout, we do hope you spend some time with us learning more about burnout.

We started this journey to extinguish burnout because we have experienced burnout enough to know that we needed to find a way to prepare ourselves to avoid burnout in the future. As we talk to people, we have found that almost everyone has experienced burnout at some point in their life. In many professions, burnout is spreading like a wildfire, out of control, consuming people in its path. It is important to realize that burnout is not limited to our work environments only. Burnout can occur in any area of your life, including home, family, friends, social circles and even the areas you enjoy the most.

The more we studied and dove into the research, the more we realized that, too frequently, people experiencing burnout feel like they have somehow failed at being the person they are called to be. Too often, burnout is viewed as a personal failure or evidence that we really are not good enough. This could not be further from the truth. Burnout has little to do with actual failure or even having too much to do.  It is not just that we overcommit or are overcommitted, burnout sparks in the gap between our expectations and our perceived results.

While you are here with us in Extinguish Burnout, you will find multiple tools available. All of these have been designed to be easy to use and divided into portions that can be consumed in less than 20 minutes. Whether you read the book, enroll in the course, or join us in weekly blog posts, our goal is to help you or your friends and family not only recover from burnout but also prevent your return to the hollow world of burnout.

Extinguish your burnout
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